Watch Gabi’s reaction after Saiji’s heartbreaking streak in the World Cup game

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Go watch Gabi’s reaction. Barcelona’s Spain midfielder was bumped into by Moroccan defender Roman Seylis during Tuesday’s World Cup round of 16 match.

    Gabi was unable to prevent Spain from being eliminated from the World Cup at the hands of Morocco on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. At 18, Gabi was the youngest player at this year’s tournament in Qatar. But even at that age But he was a key player for Spain throughout the UFABET World Cup.
Spain scored in every match and scored in their 7-0 thrashing of Costa Rica in their opening match.

Watch Gabi's reaction after Saiji's heartbreaking streak in the World Cup game

      He was again in the starting line-up against Morocco in the last 16, and that made him the youngest player to start a World Cup knockout game since Pele. Unfortunately, he was unable to perform well and was substituted in the 63rd minute. Gavi then watched from the bench as Spain were knocked out on penalties. It was Ashraf Hakimi who scored the winning penalty for the North African team.

          Although Spain was eliminated prematurely But Gabi’s confidence and pride did not diminish in any way. He personally enjoyed the tournament quite a bit and showed why he won the Golden Boy earlier this year. He was not in his best form against Morocco. But he still managed to make the online world buzz after a viral clip of him clashing with Roman saiyans. Gabi, although only 18 years old, is fierce and never shied away from confrontations in football field

  and he had no retreat upon Saiyes. A much bigger player deliberately bumped into him after a free-kick from Spain. Gabi was walking forward. But after being hit by Saiyes on the way to the referee The Barcelona star then turned around and asked for a hit back. At first, Saiyes grunted, as though he wanted to face the Barça star. But in the end, the two forgave each other and embraced. The moment went viral online.

          Recently, Cesar Azpilicueta talked about Gabi’s aggression in an interview He is well aware of how emotionally intense the Barcelona star is on his debut for Spain. When he was just 17 years and 62 days old against Italy, he told The Guardian: “This is the new generation. There are times when you help them, but the boys now have a lot of confidence. They told me ‘Calm him down’ what do you mean? ‘Let him calm down?’ Pushing them, but no, not him. There he was kicking people. I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to be able to do that at 17.’”