Update on injuries of 6 Liverpool stars before the Carabao Cup final game. Ready to evaluate the return date to the field

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Even though Liverpool did an excellent job in the last game, defeating Brentford 1-4, they had to exchange it with injuries to 3 additional famous stars, including Diogo Jota Dar. Vin Nuñez and Curtis Jones were both substituted during last weekend’s game.

Update on injuries of 6 Liverpool stars before the Carabao Cup final game. Ready to evaluate the return date to the field

It doesn’t seem like good news for Liverpool with additional injuries to three key players. Diogo Jota, Darwin Nuñez and Curtis Jones, who were injured during the Premier League game against Brent. Ford last weekend

All three were substituted during the game. Amidst the concerns of football fans Because they still have a midweek game to play at home against Luton Town and an important game like the Carabao Cup final next weekend where they have to meet Chelsea.

Jota injured his left knee and was carried off the field before the end of the first half. The condition at that time and after the game looked quite worrying. Which Jurgen Klopp himself admitted. that his condition seemed worse than expected. Including currently there has been no official statement from the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app club. But the media expects that he will definitely not be eligible to play in the Carabao Cup final game. Record, a famous media outlet in Portugal, hints that it may take more than two months to recover.

As for Jones, Klopp revealed after the game that he had not yet spoken to his players about the matter. The talented midfielder was injured in the first half under his shin and above his ankle. He needs to undergo a thorough examination again. But initially his condition doesn’t seem as bad as Jota’s. However, there is a high chance that he won’t be able to return in time to help the team in the game against Chelsea.

Darwin Nuñez after scoring a beautiful goal in the first half. He informed Klopp during halftime that he was not feeling well. The team itself did not want to lose the substitution quota during the game. So it was decided to have Cody Gakpo replace him immediately in the second half. As for his condition, it doesn’t seem serious. But it is necessary to take care of it and look forward to the next game.

While the main player with an existing injury, Trent Alexander Arnold, who injured his knee in the previous game against Burnley, has been evaluated by the medical team. Definitely missing the field in the Carabao Cup final. It is expected to return to the field in March.

Dominic Soboszlai, who has been injured in the hamstring area since the beginning of last year. Although he returned and tried to play in the game against Chelsea at the end of January, he didn’t seem ready to come back in full form. That means he will miss the games against Arsenal, Burnley, Brentford, as well as the upcoming games against Luton and Carabao in the final against Chelsea.

First-choice goalkeeper Alisson Becker is another person who suffered a hamstring injury and did not play in the game that beat Brentford last weekend, with Klopp revealing: He was ill in the game against Burnley and then injured himself again in the game against Brentford. We had no choice but to use the players we already had. But we will not rush him back onto the field because the Carabao Cup is Kelleher’s competition and he is doing great.