Ronaldo refutes the split news Fai Thong insists it is still one

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Cristiano Ronaldo in addition to having to contend with the real competition with Portugal still have to fight with rumors dissatisfied with the point of leaving the team before the end of the World Cup by confirming via twitter Without conflict. The Portuguese are still one.

Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo insists his team remains united and ready to fight together for his dream of winning the World Cup. Although there are news reports that He might walk out of his homeland. Because of dissatisfaction with Fernando Santos. The UFABET team’s trainer Dropped as a substitute in the Round of 16 game that collapsed. Switzerland 6-1 on Tuesday, December 6th

Ronaldo refutes the split news Fai Thong insists it is still one

The 37-year-old star player is back in the news again. When being removed from the starting line-up for the first time at a major tournament since Euro 2008. The media said It was because he showed an angry temper. When he was substituted in the final group stage game that lost to South Korea, resulting in the 64-year-old trainer dissatisfied. But after the game it was confirmed by the gray-haired coach that has been discussed before

Then it was reported that Dissatisfied, walked into the tunnel immediately after the game. Continued by ignoring orders not to practice with reserve players. Moreover I still want to keep things from the national team camp but finally change my mind. Before the game that will meet Morocco in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2022 on Saturday, December 10 

Recently, CR7 has posted a message via social media in response to the negative news itself, stating that “a group that is too united to be destroyed by outside things. a nation too brave to be intimidated by the enemy. A team in the truest sense to fight for their dreams to the end! Take a leap of faith with us! Come on, Portugal! “

The Portuguese Football Federation ( FPF) also denied the divisive reports, saying captain Cristiano Ronaldo had never threatened to leave the national team while in Qatar. Every day, Ronaldo is setting a record of unique performances in national and country service. which should be respected