How many turns do you make so that you don’t get tired?

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I believe that many people who give up and stop playing online casino. Go because you don’t understand how to make a turn. The more you come across the word rollover many times at a time. What it is, I don’t know, but it looks a lot, so press it first. I realized it again when I couldn’t withdraw money because the balance didn’t reach. Therefore, before pressing to accept the promotion, you should also see how many turns you have to do to fit. From personal experience, it can be divided as follows.

  • Less than 5 times, this is considered very low. Is less, both turnover and rarely found Often found in promotions such as rebate, cashback.
  • 25 times more, this is too much. May be old and die before withdrawing money. The conclusion is that you should not choose
  • 10 – 20 times, this is the market rate Most often found at 20 times, for example, new member bonuses are about 15-25 times, old members 5-10 times, free credit 20-25 times.
How many turns do you make so that you don't get tired?

How are you doing with the knowledge of bonuses and promotions that we often meet in online casino that have been shared today I believe that it would be useful for everyone to choose the right promotion for themselves. And most importantly, don’t forget that the more they give us, the more The more we have to pay back as well. So play just enough for fun. get just enough Just like this, you will be happy with gambling online anyway.