Greenwood returns for the first time in 19 months coming on as a substitute for Getafe at the end of the game.

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Mason Greenwood returns to the field again. Since being suspended from work due to the scandal of assaulting his girlfriend He came on as a substitute for Getafe on loan from Manchester United in the 3-2 win over Osasuna.

Mason Greenwood, rising forward Officially returned to the field in 19 months for Getafe, a temporary agency in the Spanish league, after being cut from the main team by Manchester UnitedThen released him to play on loan for 1 season because it was not accepted by many parties in the attempted rape case. Physically assaulting and confining his girlfriend. Even though he was acquitted in early February.

Manchester United

Office of the Attorney General Decided not to prosecute the 21-year-old star player from the said case. After the important witness withdrew And there is new evidence that refutes the accusations. While the agency Still not allowed to return to join the first โปรโมชั่น ufabet team. Since being suspended from work since last year. You must wait for the investigation to be completed. In order not to cause resistance from society. Until reaching the conclusion last month by cutting Wat from the team.

Spanish team Getafe have no problem giving opportunities. Spearhead of the Gentry Because the fans don’t have any opposition. So it was borrowed for temporary use. The game was last Sunday, September 17th. He was sent onto the field for the first time. Since January 22, 2022, when the Red Devils won 1-0 over West Ham United in the English Premier League.

Greenwood was a substitute for the Dark Blues in their opening 3-2 win over Osasuna, coming on as a substitute for Juanmi Lataza in the 77th minute while the score was tied 2-2. 2 before he helped the team to the winning goal from a corner kick on the right side before   Nemanja Maksimovic headed into the net in the 86th minute and made his debut after being abandoned. for a long time with the satisfactory form of this football player

Getafe ‘s three points in this match resulted in them Won the 2nd match out of 5 games, the other 3 matches were 1 draw and 2 losses, with 7 points, ranked 9th in the Spanish La Liga score table at this time, with the next match preparing to invade Real Socia . Dad, Sunday, September 24, where Greenwood has a chance to be the starter. Because of the excellent performance of the past training.