Carragher: Jude Bellingham will become a football superstar 

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This person is right! Jamie Carragher, former “Reds” defensive line, identifies Jude Bellingham. A young British national team midfielder. Is a great player that reminds me of Steven Gerrard at the age of 27, believing that this World Cup will make him world superstar

2022 World Cup finals in Qatar. It is considered a tournament in which the UFABET world’s superpowers aim to win the championship. Army “Roaring Lion” England national team Is another nation that hopes to win the world championship again after having come once in 1996

Carragher: Jude Bellingham will become a football superstar 

This army of “Roaring Lions” has many players showing excellent form. And to watch a lot. Midfielder Jude Bellingham, England’s young national team. Is one of the players who have consistently outstanding performance both with the “yellow team” Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga and in this 2022 World Cup. despite being only 19 years old

Former England defender Jamie Carragher and Liverpool has revealed that “We are looking at a player with incredible footballing talent. Bellingham is a player who will be the epitome of the modern midfield player. If you look at someone like him, this is that person.”

“Bellingham has a physical body. And playing skills like Steven Gerrard at the age of 27, plus all the qualities of an ideal footballer. Whether it’s tackling the ball, passing the ball, scoring a goal including making assists It’s called a complete device.

Carragher said: “The World Cup is the ultimate tournament. It is a competition that can turn great players into football superstars, and Bellingham is one of those who will become a superstar for sure. ”