What You Need to Know About Flat Design

Flat Design

The times when web designers created projects in which they exhibited their techniques and styles are long gone. Nowadays, people are no longer interested in flashy details and eye-catching elements, on the contrary they desire their favorite websites to present user friendly interfaces that will help them find the information they need and learn new things easier and faster. Flat design is one of the most recent and trendiest approaches these days and people appreciate much, and as a result, you should learn more about it.

Definition:  If you are looking for a definition, then you should know that this is different from the artificial techniques. It is based on the simple and classic elements and it places the user in the center of its design technique. In other words this focuses on usability and it presents cleanliness, an open space and flat or two-dimensional illustrations. These being said, in the lines that are to come, readers will learn a few things as far as the advantages and qualities of the flat design are concerned

1. It has a minimalistic nature

Flat Design

It is no secret the fact that time is money and therefore people cherish it a lot. As a result, a web page that is as minimalistic as possible is more likely to have a bigger audience. Why? Well, if your website is not full of cluttering and unhelpful elements then people will tend to visit it more, since it is simple, direct and concise. Thus, remove distractions, adorning elements and things that have no functional goals and you will be closer to creating a flat design for your new project.

2. It has bright colors

Flat Design

Maybe you thought that since your website is devoid of attention grabbing elements and ornamental tools, then you will end up with something boring, dull and monotonous. But, this is not the case because the flat design uses bright colors in order to make up for these shortcomings. After all, users do require something that would help them differentiate the call to action buttons or certain icons and illustrations from the background. Well, thanks to bright and contrasting colors your visitors will be able to perform their tasks without being distracted by shiny items.

3. It has a minimalistic imagery

Flat Design

The flat design relies on simple images, in order to send a message and to make a point. The reason why such images are used in this design technique is due to the fact that these will help people understand faster and easier certain actions and messages. So, you should bear in mind that if you want to succeed in creating this design, then it is necessary to stay away from complex illustrations and detailed images.

4. It is appealing

Flat Design

Beauty is subjective and it has a different meaning from one person to another. However, simplicity will never go out of style and it will always be perceived as something appealing and classy. Since the flat design relies on simplicity and cleanliness it is easy to understand why this is seen as something neat and attractive. And of course that the trendy air of the flat design must definitely contribute to this appealing image.

5. It is easy to scale

Flat Design

Users no longer surf the web only on their personal computers; mobile internet is quite fashionable these days. Due to this situation, web designers should check their projects and see how these appear on various screen sizes. Because the flat design is based mainly on typography, colors and a lot of white space, websites that exhibit this technique will be easier to scale across various screen sizes.

6. It is efficient

Flat Design

From the information written above one understands the fact that this design lacks distractions, cluttering details and unnecessary pieces of information. Well, precisely because of these gaps the flat design is highly efficient. People will no longer have to make efforts to get to their point of interest, but they will instantly be drawn to the essential point of the web page. Oh, and what makes this design technique even more efficient is the fact that people will be able to achieve their goals in a short amount of time. So, keep everything simple so that people will immediately find the things they need, and thus you will be able to create something efficient and functional.

How to use it

Now that you are aware of the novelties that the flat design includes you will certainly be pleased to learn how to use it in on your website. As you can see it is crucial to forget about complex and detailed items and to focus on simple things. This technique puts the user first and as a result it is crucial to design everything with the aim of creating a functional and efficient web design.

When it comes to the text, you should remember to use sans serif typography because it will make everything look more organized and clean. Also, you should remember that there is no use to include unnecessary chunks of information in your text because readers appreciate more those texts that are brief, succinct and to the point.

And, as it was mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs you must remember to pick solid, vivid and bright colors. Besides making your project look more appealing these shades also have a functional use: they help at making various elements (buttons, links) appear, visible, clear and noticeable. So, it is necessary not to forget about these colors.


In order to conclude, it is safe to say that a flat design is definitely the right thing at the right time. The reason why this technique is ideal for the XXI century is due to the fact that it focuses on the user’s needs and requirements and also it is efficient, it has minimalistic elements and it is highly usable. So, you should definitely use it for your future projects because it will help you send your message in a simple and clear manner.