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Hey guys, say hello to a new source of web design awesomeness. dsgnfeed provides all important news regarding…

Flat iPhone Apps

15 iPhone Apps with Flat Design

Flat design applications are gradually becoming more popular today in design & development field. By “flat”, it refers…

Flat Design

What You Need to Know About Flat Design

The times when web designers created projects in which they exhibited their techniques and styles are long gone….

Webstore Design

What Makes A Good Webstore Design?

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48 Hours Logo

My business logo designed at 48hourslogo

I sell hand-made jewelry, and I think I’m pretty good at what I do. I love creating personal,…

Dribbble Authors

Designers you should follow on Dribbble

Dribbble is a rapidly building social network that makes it possible for designers and digital artists to post…

Awesome Free Fonts

15 Awesome Free Fonts

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LogoArena – Ideal place to take your logo from

When starting a business, one definitely wants it to become popular and successful amongst people. And, it is…

Grid Layout Shock

A responsive grids maker plugin: Grid Layout Shock

Grid Layout Shock is a recently launched plugin for WordPress, which development is based on the widely known…

Custom or Template

Choosing Custom or Template? What’s best For Your Portfolio Site?

The demands for web-based portfolios will differ between disciplines as well as from person to person. For example,…