Icons-Land: Land of Icons for Your Design Needs


There are many reasons why one should pick his or her icons from icons-land.com, but the most important of all lies precisely in the fact that this is the home of these items. This means, that no matter what your requests may be, you will find there the product that will fit your business like a glove. Anyway, in case you don’t know much about this website, you will learn which are your benefits and advantages, by reading the following paragraphs.


To begin with, in your quest of finding the right thing for you, it is advisable to check out their icons, which are nicely organized in the categories they belong to. For instance, some of these categories are: Sport Icons, Weather Icons, People Icons, Transport Icons, and the list may continue. However, if you desire to learn more and to actually see the work of their talented team, you should check out their portfolio. There, you will find additional information, considering the variety of styles they work in.


But, if you already have something in mind for your business, then you should definitely go to the custom design area. When you will arrive there, you will learn that you could benefit from their Designing Exclusive Icons Set, which means that they will design some icons exclusively for you (according to your criteria), which will not be sold to anybody else. As you may have imagined, the price per icon is higher, if you will choose this package. However, if you don’t want to make a whole in your pocket, you would better go for the Extending Existing Stock Icons Set, which means that they will design something for you in the style of their icon set. The price will be as low as possible, but they will be able to create a new icon set based on these icons.

They work hard to make their page suitable for their customers and they always bring some novelties. For instance, if you access icons-land.com, you will see that they have a new category which is called Metro Sport Vector Icons. There you will find vector icons appropriate for mobile, desktop and web application in Adobe Illustrator format, representing different sports, activities, gambling, and so on. What you should know is that if you would like to purchase the entire set, which in this case contains 263 items, you will have to pay $180. But, if you prefer only several icons, you should check out their catalogue, make a list and pay $15 for each item.


Another novelty is represented by their Vector Multiple Smileys. Clients are able to buy the entire set for the price of $180, which includes 25 characters with 20 emotions, or they may have the possibility of purchasing only their favorite icons, for the price of $15 per item. Also, you should know that these icons, provided in Adobe illustrator format are great for presentations, web and graphic design, brochures, printing materials, and so on.

In conclusion, you should totally pay a visit to icons-land.com, because there you will find the right item for your project.