Designing Effective eCommerce Website

Ecommerce Design

The virtual nature of an offline store makes selling online completely different from running a brick-n-mortar store. Here, the E-Commerce website design is what helps you achieve your sales targets. The essential design tips for effective E-Commerce websites include:


1. Navigation

Provide for simple and easy navigation. The site should load fast, and your customers should be able to find what they need with minimum number of clicks.
Shop Navigation


2. Product Filter

Make the filter options available to the customers as early as possible. Reversal of choice should also be simple.
Filter Options


3. Search & Cart

Both the search bar and the shopping cart must be prominent, clearly visible and within easy reach.
Search and Cart


4. Product details

Include all relevant content like product details, product reviews, etc.
Product Details


5. Product Images

Use high quality images and place them imaginatively and effectively.
Product Images


6. OOS Status

Items that are not in stock must be clearly indicated.


7. Delivery Charges

The delivery charges, if any, must be clearly communicated before the customer takes purchase decision. Sudden additions at the time of payment can result in abandoned carts.
Delivery Charges


8. Customer Service

Easy access to customer service is a must
Customer Service


9. Checkout

Checkout should be easy and quick.


Take all steps to ensure a completely secure online store.

Besides these, there are many other innovative things like incorporation of social media, adding newsletter sign up forms, etc. that can also be used to design a successful E-Commerce website.

But it is much better to hire a professional website design company that already knows all this steps and will  design an awesome ecommerce website for you.