Best Free WordPress Themes 2013

Wordpress Themes

Are you looking for free wordpress themes 2013 edition? If yes, then you must be wondering which ones are best and which are the ones that you can use? Now days after numerous panda and Penguin updates, plug-in and themes are playing a significant role. We all know how wordpress has changed the way CMS worked. With numerous of themes for wordpress, you can catch your reader’s eye with something which defines what you are writing about. It is very important to locate such free wordpress themes which will work in all scenarios.

Here are some of the top ten free wordpress themes mentioned which are sure to create spur in the year 2013.


1. Lensa




2. Folly




3. Koresponsive




4. Gadgetry




5. Photo




6. Workality





7. Clean Retina

Clean Retina



8. Curiosity




9. Thoughts




10. Great



All these themes can be downloaded free of cost. Grabbing a free wordpress theme which corresponds to your niche tremendously aids in many more ways than you can ever think of. Using perfect free wordpress themes 2013 will attract more and more visitors and make you look like a professional. This will also help you mint more money. Why pay for expensive themes when you have best free wordpress themes at your disposal?